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4 Tips You Must Know to Install Your TV on Your Wall

1. The safety Tips for Wall Mounting TV

In the current flat-screen TV market, merchants are responsible for installation in many cases, most of which are ordinary installations. If consumers have sufficient knowledge of TV installation, they can not only play a supervision role in third-party installations, but also provide more personalized installation methods.

Mounting flat-screen TV involves many aspects, such as installation environment, location, bracket bearing, load-bearing wall, etc. Then let's take a look at the tips for wall mounting a tv and skills of video wall mounting solutions.

2. Other Tips for Wall Mounting a TV

1. Bearing wall

The cement structure of the house needs to be considered. If the flat-screen TV wanted to be wall-mounted, the wall must be solid brick, concrete or an installation surface equivalent to its strength. The bearing capacity of the custom tv wall mount surface should be guaranteed not less than 4 times the actual load of the TV. The TV should not tip over when tilted back and forth by 10 degrees.

2. Installation environment

IWORKHUB tv bracket manufacturer suggests that it is not suitable to stay in a humid environment for a long time, especially for flat-screen TVs. The installation position of flat-screen TVs too close to moisture will damage the machine.

3. Installation location

The viewing distance is at least 3-5 times the diagonal distance of the display screen. The installation height is suitable for the viewer to sit on the sofa and look up at the center of the TV or slightly below. If you choose to wall-mount in the bedroom, then the installation will depend on the main habit of your watching, whatever sitting or lying down.

4. Purchasing wall stand

Flat-screen TVs are much lighter and thinner than previous traditional CRT TVs, but they are only lighter than the traditional CRTs. Flat-screen TVs still have certain weight, especially for that everyone now is more inclined to choose large-sized flat-screen TVs. The heavier ones could be up to 20-30 kg. If the TV cart installation is not good, the TV is likely to fall from the wall. The consequences will be serious: not only the TV will be damaged, but also it may hurt people. I recommend the iworkhub stand for everyone here. Our wall mount television stand have passed strict quality inspections, so you can buy them without worry.

By following these tips for wall mounting a TV, you can ensure that your TV is securely mounted on the wall, and you can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience.

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