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TV Wall Mount for Office, Conference Room, Exhibition Hall, Hotel, and Other Venues

TV mounts are designed for hanging flat-panel and LCD televisions on the wall, and are peripheral equipment for televisions. They are suitable for places such as offices, conference rooms, exhibition halls, hotels, airports, train stations, hospitals, bus stations, shopping malls, etc.

With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous progress of electronic technology, smart TVs have been increasingly used in business offices. In order to increase the decorative and aesthetic space, most people choose to hang TVs on the wall. On the one hand, it can save a lot of space, making the environment clean and tidy. On the other hand, it can adjust various angles, making it convenient for our daily use.

TV mounts as an indispensable installation tool in modern decoration design

Custom tv mounts have gradually become a focus of attention. They are display brackets designed for high-definition smart TVs and are suitable for various types of display screens such as writing screens, electromagnetic screens, smart screens, touch screens, education whiteboards, etc. They support various TV sizes and are enough to install many TV screens.

The product supports up and down tilting, left and right rotating, and meets the viewing needs of different angles. It can also stretch forward and backward and adjust the viewing distance. Its flexible and changeable functions and easy and comfortable angle adjustment can make us more convenient when watching. No matter where you are in the space, you can use it very well. Moreover, some adjustable TV brackets are also designed with anti-detachment safety buckles to prevent damage to the TV and accidental touching by children, not only protecting yourself but also others. Some brackets also have built-in wire trough design to collect messy cables and keep the environment neat and orderly. There are also horizontal level positioning and horizontal fine-tuning functions to ensure accurate positioning and avoid installation errors.

In terms of materials, TV mounts are made of high-strength zinc-aluminum alloy and liquid baking paint technology

The hardness and precision are very high, and it is more sturdy and durable than ordinary aluminum alloys. The six-arm load-sharing structure also makes the adjustable TV mount more stable when bearing weight. It well ensures the quality and quality of the bracket, making us more at ease and relieved when using it.

In modern architectural design, storage of space is particularly important, especially the application of numerous digital audio and video products, which has become a manifestation of architectural storage design. The height adjustable TV mount fully solves the current needs for TV installation and storage, and is a very good peripheral facility for televisions!

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