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Specification for Installation of Mobile TV Stands

With the development of electronic technology, there are more and more "phubbers" in our lives. In fact, bowing your head for a long time will easily affect the cervical spine and our health. So if we don’t want to be a phubber, the mobile TV stand is a very good choice. The mobile TV stand can alleviate the problems caused by long-time head down, and allow us to be more selective when watching TV.

So how to install the mobile TV screen stand? Let's take a look at the installation specifications of the mobile TV stand.

Installation steps of mobile TV stand:

1. Prepare the installation materials, and pay attention to the quality of the rack and hardware when purchasing.

2. When installing the mobile stand such as TV swivel stand 55 inch, follow the instructions in the manual. The general steps are relatively simple, and the most important thing is the practical ability.

3. When choosing a location, don't choose a load-bearing wall or a place with strong humidity or luminosity.

4. The installation of the TV rack is not difficult, but the handling of the wiring interface requires certain skills. This requires attention to leave a suitable place when installing.

Our warm reminder: In terms of wall installation or TV cart installation, ordinary brick walls are easier to install. Marble walls, glass walls and slab walls require certain tools. It is best to consult relevant professionals during installation.

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