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What Are the Categories of the TV Mount?

TV bracket is a bracket for hanging a TV. It can not only save space, adjust the direction of the TV, and improve the user's viewing experience, but also enhance the overall beauty of the area to improve the place's grade and standard. There are mainly three types of TV brackets: telescopic, hanging, and wall-mounted, and they are suitable for various places such as offices, conference halls, exhibition halls, hotels, airports, hospitals, bus stations, shopping malls, and so on. To meet the habits of all users, let's take a look at TV brackets.

Basic Introduction to the TV Mount

TV brackets are TV peripherals specifically developed for hanging flat-screen TVs and LCD TVs on walls. The functions of the TV bracket include adjusting the up and down tilt, left and right tilt, retracting and extending, which can release the pressure on the cervical spine, hide various wires to increase overall beauty, and facilitate stable and durable installation, as well as adding to the overall level. Due to the reflection of sunlight affecting the viewing experience, prolonged TV viewing can cause fatigue in the neck and discomfort in the eyes. Based on various user needs, the TV bracket was born and slowly integrated into various scenes, becoming a necessity for every scene.

Classification of the TV Mount

What are the main types of TV brackets for saving space by installing TV brackets and wall-mounting TV brackets to enjoy high-quality viewing effects?

Ordinary brackets

This type of bracket is the basic version of a TV frame. Its main function is to hang the TV frame on the background wall. This type of TV bracket is usually thin and has relatively small load-bearing capacity, but the requirements for the wall, especially the load-bearing wall, are not high.

Cantilever brackets

This type of TV bracket is one of the multifunctional TV frame products. It consists of a cantilever (support arm) and can be adjusted at any angle, tilt or slope, to meet the viewing experience of most users and enjoy comfortable movies. However, this type of TV bracket also has a disadvantage, that is, the requirements for the wall, especially the load-bearing wall, are relatively high, otherwise it is not enough to install this multifunctional wall bracket.

Professional brackets

Ordinary cantilever brackets can only adjust the upper and lower angles. However, the TV bracket with a professional functional level achieves the function of adjusting the left and right angles of the TV, up and down tilt adjustment, and telescopic adjustment, allowing us to have an excellent viewing experience with various "tricky" angles. The TV fixed on the desktop restricts the TV viewing angle and is inconvenient for us to watch. However, when the TV has a bracket, it eliminates the bondage and becomes free. Not only is it convenient to watch, but it can also adjust the distance between the TV and the wall during the damp season to prevent the TV from being damaged by moisture.

Today's introduction is about explaining what TV brackets are and the types of TV brackets. When purchasing, you can choose the appropriate TV bracket based on the size of the TV in the office area, company needs, and budget. And when buying and installing a TV bracket, you should know the issues involved.

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