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Medical TV Wall Mounts Play a Better Role and Utilization in the Medical Field

In today's life science market, more and more instruments are widely accepted and recognized by medical professionals and researchers worldwide. Fluorescent immunoassay analyzer is a must-have for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories at this stage. A comprehensive fluorescent immunoassay analyzer, in addition to its superior hardware, also uses smart TV to control each other, and the two cooperate to achieve the effect of integrating the instrument with people to complete a series of operations. Today, the main thing to introduce is the hospital TV mount for instrument equipment, which can also be called a medical workstation, integrated machine computer screen keyboard and mouse tray bracket, and so on.

The main purpose of the medical TV bracket is to connect the immunoassay analyzer and provide a tv bracket stand for the TV. This allows the staff to reasonably control the immunoassay analyzer through the computer and separately analyze the medical TV wall bracket instead of the immunoassay analyzer. A perfect product is the crystallization of all details combined into a successful product. If a brand does well but has several basic details problems, its later development may also be mediocre. The real value of a fluorescent immunoassay analyzer can only be understood by analyzing the whole product from the details. We can understand whether this fluorescent immunoassay analyzer can play its due role for doctors and even patients.

Analysis of the design of the hospital TV mount

The biggest advantage of the hospital TV mount is that its installation head and extension arm can be freely adjusted to meet ergonomic design. It also enables medical professionals to appropriately reduce their workload in the tense and tedious work. The TV's installation head supports 360° horizontal rotation, and the screen can be viewed both horizontally and vertically. It supports up and down, left and right tilting angles, can be adjusted up and down, and there is also an angle adjustment of the support arm.

According to their own needs, the hospital TV mount is adjusted according to the height of different staff members

Comes with a mouse and keyboard tray, standard load-bearing tray, foldable storage, convenient for use and storage. Also comes with a scanner mouse seat, easy to store and place. The thoughtful design, orderly cable classification, avoids causing frustration due to tangled lines in a complicated work process and perfectly arranges the central position of the cable. In addition, the base is installed in the form of wall-mounted, which can be used in any situation that meets the requirements, such as walls, large instruments, or any other suitable occasion. The selected material is also suitable for various environmental needs, high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, and oxidation resistance. The versatile color is suitable for any instrumentation equipment.

Hospital TV mounts are suitable for various machine tools, anesthesia machines, smart sorting equipment, smart dispensers, medical analysis systems, degumming machines, and other factories, hospitals, and high-tech places. For any product that needs to be combined with a computer device, the custom tv brackets are the perfect solution.

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