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TV Mobile Stand Designed for Large and Heavy Displays

The types of TV stands are numerous. They can be divided into two categories: TV floor stands and TV wall mounts based on their ability to move. TV floor stands are portable TV stands suitable for video conferences, while TV wall mounts cannot be moved and require a certain load-bearing capacity from the wall. However, their viewing experience is not as good as TV floor stands and they are less convenient to clean.

TV mobile stands are more stable and safer

TV mobile stands are suitable for venues such as conference halls, exhibition halls, hotels, airports, train stations, hospitals, bus stations, shopping malls, and trade fairs. They have a firm structure, are easy to install, and are equipped with TV accessories and camera placement devices. The display can move slightly up and down.

TV mobile carts can meet various projection needs and fully realize the value of your investment. Its features include vertical-horizontal rotation and easy height adjustment. It can provide a position for both sitting and standing audience members regardless of where it is placed and what it is used for. Adjusting the rotation angle is easy with a light touch, and the height can be adjusted easily with just a knob.

The standard camera shelf accessory can turn any space into a video conference center. The mobile display cart can easily pass through standard-size doors and thresholds. Adjustable technology makes vertical-horizontal rotation and height adjustment easy. Modular cable slots can hide and organize cables. Multiple rooms can share it and fully realize the value of technical investment.

The advantage of TV mobile floor stand is that it can be moved to meet the needs of different users

Mobile large screen tv stands are especially suitable for friends who need to hold video conferences, making meetings convenient while also saving costs. However, it also has disadvantages, such as the risk of the TV falling off or being damaged during the TV stand moving process, especially when the installation is not secure. Also, many wires need to be connected behind the TV, and moving it casually may cause poor soldering of internal circuit elements, resulting in high failure rates and reduced service life.

Installation of TV mobile floor stand

The installation method of TV floor stands is different from that of TV wall mounts because it is fixed on a portable cart rather than a wall. The following is the installation method:

First, fix the TV mobile stand and determine the installation position of the TV on the installation surface of the TV stand to ensure that the flat panel TV is installed steadily, the center of gravity is stable, and the left and right horizontal deviations are less than 1 degree. Hang the TV on the TV floor stand, being careful to handle it gently and preparing cushions to prevent scratching the display. After hanging it up, measure it with a spirit level and adjust the screws of the floor stand to make the display completely horizontal. Connect other components and wiring, such as speakers, signal cables, and power cables, paying attention to the polarity of the wiring and installing protective devices such as air switches to avoid arbitrarily changing the length of the power cable and signal cable connections.

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