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TV Mobile Stand Makes Heavy Meetings Easier

It is a conference TV mobile stand product for corporate office and commercial display areas. The appearance and accessory design of the whole product convey a simple and business atmosphere. The body adopts pure metal design and aluminum alloy frame, which can effectively protect the core components such as the screen. The body and the screen are perfectly integrated, the whole mobile tv wall mount product is extremely integrated, and the technology and art are perfectly combined.

1. The appearance and strength of the custom TV mobile stand are well combined

As the saying goes, a good horse must be equipped with a good saddle. The main body of the TV mobile stand is forged from high-quality cold-rolled steel. The maximum load-bearing capacity reaches 150KG, which meets the suspension requirements of all sizes of smart conference TVs. As we all know, the whole series of conference TV bodies are made of pure metal design, and the net weight of a single TV has exceeded 50KG. The high-quality load-bearing capacity has become an important standard for the design of adjustable stands for TV.

2. TV mobile stand is designed for simple collaboration

Four universal wheels are installed under the base of the TV mobile stand to facilitate the movement of the conference TV when in use. Each universal wheel of electric height adjustable TV stand is equipped with a brake component, which can be locked by simply stepping on it. Thanks to the design team's research on structural mechanics and ergonomics, the stand is very stable whether it is moving or fixed. When passing uphill or downhill ground, it can maintain a stable center of gravity, and there is no need to worry about shaking or rollover, and thus safety is guaranteed.

3. With a high-end business image, TV mobile stand is customized for enterprises

In the choice of appearance color, business black is selected as the color of the main body of the adjustable stand for TV. After multiple colour modulation procedures, the color of the spray paint echoes with the main body of the whole product, which is stable and bold without losing simplicity. The overall spraying adopts electrostatic powder spraying technology, which is beautiful and high-end, moisture-proof, rust-proof and color-proof, and the surface color is pure, the spraying is uniform, and the touch is smooth.

4. With the humanized design, TV mobile stand helps efficient office

There are also many user-friendly designs for the TV wall mount officeworks: there is a storage compartment on both sides of the main body of the TV mobile stand, which can be used to place the small accessories of the smart conference TV, such as screen transmitter, touch writing, etc.

Thanks to the safe design of the four-corner arc of the base of the TV mobile stand, we do not have to worry about it being overturned in public places where children are often haunted. It is intimate and beautiful. There are a total of 5 installation heights to choose from at the joint on the back of the stand to meet the needs of people of different heights.

Throughout the entire conference TV market, such a cost-effective TV mobile stand is also rare. The TV mobile stand will definitely play an important role in daily use, making heavy meetings easier, allowing participants to focus on the meeting itself, and making the meeting a true source of inspiration and creativity.

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