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Not Just a Hanger, Let the TV

With the accelerated pace of life and work, we pay more and more attention to the cost of time. Nowadays, video conferencing has become a mainstream method, and with it, TV stand mobile carts are becoming more and more popular. Let the meeting not choose the occasion, start the meeting anytime and anywhere, as long as there is a TV stand mobile cart, small meetings without interruption can be held in the office.

Televisions are still an important part of the work environment. The fixed TV restricts us to watch from one perspective. Over time, not only the eyes are sore and unbearable, but also the waist and back pain are easy to sit for a long time. Therefore, more and more video conferences are starting to "move" the TV!

1. Reasons for choosing a TV stand mobile cart

(1) Installation: It is easy to install without punching holes, and can be used at any time by hanging it, and it is suitable for most models and sizes on the market.

(2) Space: It is applicable regardless of the size of the space. The small apartment can be moved to make storage more convenient; the large apartment can be moved at will, no matter where it is in the office area, you can look at it wherever you want.

(3) Workmanship: cold-rolled steel is integrally formed, piano baking varnish technology, electrostatic spraying, exquisite workmanship, strong and durable.

2. The advantages of mobile adjustable TV carts compared with wall mounts

Nowadays, people's demand for TV is not as good as before. In many cases, mobile phones and tablets have replaced many functions of TV. Therefore, the office usually chooses to purchase a TV set. But there are often some problems with this. The hanging of the TV limits the demand for watching movies indoors, so the mobile cart of the TV bracket solves these problems.

Using the TV bracket to move the cart can not only act as a "mobile TV", but also allow the viewing angle to change at will, making viewing more clear. Whether you are standing or sitting, let the TV follow you, and the viewing is not limited. Many people think that the office area is small, and the mobile cart of the TV bracket will affect the use of space and appear crowded. In fact, this is not the case. The adjustable TV cart is not only for hanging the TV, but also for the storage function on the water platform. You can put speakers, remote controls, whatever you want. Isn't it multi-purpose! Whether you have a small TV or a very large TV, there is always a TV for you!

In the future, the way of life will be more and more convenient and diversified. Our habits are gradually being affected, saving time and cost, pursuing efficient life, and enjoying convenience, all in the iworkhub bracket!

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