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TV ''Home'':The Evolution and Application of TV Mount

Monitor stand can help solve various technical problems encountered by people when operating computers in commercial office spaces. Its ergonomic design can prevent health problems caused by work fatigue and improve work efficiency, bringing an ideal space for both life and work. TV mounts have been widely used in fields such as retail, entertainment, finance, medical, and transportation, covering categories such as single screens, dual screens, and large-screen splicing screens.

Background of TV mount development

With the advent of the information age, computers and networks have almost become important components of people's work and life, especially for middle-aged and young people. However, computer-related diseases caused by improper use have emerged, among which cervical spondylosis is the most common. It mainly manifests as neck stiffness, shoulder and arm pain, finger numbness, dizziness, etc. It is mainly caused by improper use of computers, resulting in muscle tension and degeneration of cervical intervertebral discs and small joints around the neck. The monitor TV mount was born to address this problem.

Product structure of TV mount

The monitor TV mount is mainly composed of an arm, which, as the name implies, can freely extend without being limited by the arm. It adopts aluminum alloy or carbon steel material, has diagonal stability fixing, and protective devices on four sides of diagonal clamps. The part in contact with the computer has a protective device and can be rotated directly without opening the clamp.

Upgrade of TV mount products

Now there is an automatic display stand, also known as human-computer interaction display stand. The stand can automatically drive the screen to move slowly and adjust the speed. Different from ordinary ergonomic display stands, users interact with the screen by moving their neck and waist. It consists of a drive motor, reduction system, transmission system, control system, and main body of the stand.

When it comes to TV mounts, we are not unfamiliar with it. Since the emergence of ultra-thin LCD TVs, almost all businesses use wall-mounted TVs. The previous stands may have been fixed, but now it's different. Manufacturers have also started to pay attention to users' feelings. They can now move left and right, tilt left and right, and stretch forward and backward. When viewed from the side, the angle can be adjusted. TV mount, same goes for projectors, now more and more people start to arrange a cinema to watch movies, company meetings, school auditorium meetings, and need to purchase projectors equipped with stands. If not fixed with stands, it is easy to cause collisions, shaking, unstable images, and take up a large area of space, making wiring easy to become messy. It always seems troublesome, so it is now solved by ceiling or wall mounting. It is both beautiful and adjustable in angle.

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