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How to Choose a TV Mount? Three Points to Watch out For!

Choose a TV Mount and Pay Attention to the Vesa Holes Behind the Display

Most mainstream displays on the market use the international standard VESA hole size, so in normal cases, compatibility installation can be achieved easily. However, there are still a few displays that have hidden VESA holes behind cover panels, and these panels need to be removed to reveal them. Except for these two situations, it is rare for display manufacturers to deviate from standard practices, leaving only their original brackets for use. How can this be resolved?

Don't worry, there are ways around this. For displays without VESA holes, separate hole-less accessories can be purchased to be used with a TV bracket. X-shaped conversion accessories can be used with brackets to achieve the same effect as with displays that have VESA holes; there is almost no difference. The only possible issue might be the appearance, as it may not adapt as well to some displays as others.

Choose a TV Mount and Pay Attention to the Size and Weight of the Display

Before purchasing a display bracket, we should first understand the size of the display, as larger displays can have a noticeable impact. For example, large displays that switch between horizontal and vertical screens may touch the desktop, while with a TV bracket, this will not be an issue. The second issue is the weight of the display. We should consider whether the weight of the display is within the carrying range of the TV bracket. If the display bracket is unable to support the weight of the display, there may be head sinking or locking issues. After understanding the size and weight of the display, you can find reference information about the bracket in the product details.

Pay Attention to the Adjustable Angles of the TV Mount

Each TV bracket has different adjustment angles, even if they are from the same brand. Different products may have similar appearance and materials, but their angle adjustments can be vastly different.

This is why the prices of similar-looking brackets can vary greatly. Before purchasing a TV bracket, it is recommended to understand your own needs to avoid buying a product that doesn't meet your expectations. These are the important points to consider when choosing a display bracket, and we hope to share more knowledge about display brackets with you. Continue following us at iworkhub for more updates!

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