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Is Rolling TV Cart Useful? What to Consider when Buying a Rolling Television Cart?

TV wall mounts are used to hang TVs on walls, but there is also a type of TV mount that is movable, known as a mobile TV cart. It is suitable for remote video conferences, information displays in shopping malls, and other fields. Rolling TV carts can be easily moved in multiple directions, with visual angles and positions adjusted as needed, but they may be priced higher and may cause problems such as circuit component soldering in the TV. Many video conferences use mobile TV mounts, so when choosing one, you should first determine the size, material, and other parameters of the TV and pay attention to the price and safety certification of the TV mount. Let's learn more about mobile TV mounts below.

Advantages of Rolling Television Carts

A mobile TV mount, also known as a mobile TV cart, is a cart-shaped TV mount designed mainly for large-size heavy displays. So is this type of mobile TV mount good or not?

A mobile TV mount has a sturdy structure, is easy to install, and can be equipped with TV peripherals and camera placement devices. This mobile TV mount conforms to ergonomics and can be easily moved in multiple directions, adjusting visual angles and positions as needed to achieve the desired visual effect. The mobile TV mount is mainly prepared for remote video conferences, which can move the TV to different conference rooms, saving conference costs. Generally, rolling TV carts are relatively easy to use, especially for medium-sized and large businesses in video conferences, exhibitions, and front desk reception. Large shopping malls can also use mobile TV carts for information and activity displays, which is very convenient.

Relevant Matters to Pay Attention to when Choosing a Rolling Television Cart

With the development of science and technology, remote video conferences are becoming more and more common, and many companies use TVs as video conference tools. However, due to cost considerations, it is too wasteful to install a TV in each conference room, so mobile TV mounts are often chosen. When choosing a rolling TV cart, you need to pay attention to the following:

1. Determine the size, material, net weight, and hole distance of the TV. Only after determining these data can you choose a mobile TV cart with appropriate specifications.

2. Pay attention to the safety certification of the product. When purchasing, you should ask the merchant for product inspection reports and relevant certificates. Generally, American UL four-fold load safety certification or German GS three-fold load safety certification are better choices.

3. Cost is also a factor to consider. In addition to the price of the rolling TV cart itself, installation costs also need to be considered. The installation cost varies depending on the size of the TV, so be careful not to be deceived.

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