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TV Mount for Medical and Other Professional Fields

TV mount is not only used in the civilian field, it is also very widely applied in some professional fields, such as advertising industry, medical field, and financial industry.

1. LCD integrated TV mount

The lcd mobile cart TV integrated mount can splice several TVs together to build a TV matrix and eventually form a large screen. This kind of TV mount can often be seen in digital malls, indoor large advertising exhibition halls, etc. The matrix screen can not only realize massive information display, but also provide strong visual impact. The most important thing is that buying a single giant screen will cost a lot of money, but multiple smaller screens with an integrated TV mount can achieve the same display effect while saving money.

2. Mobile TV trolley stand used in medical field

Mobile TV trolley stand is commonly used in the medical field. It looks like a stand rack for hanging clothes at home. In addition to the function of supporting the TV, this kind of mobile TV stand also integrates many other functions.

The appearance of the heavy duty tv trolley stand is similar to that of a stand clothes hanger. It integrates a medical grade graphics adapter internally. With the output technology, this adapter fits the system and supports protocol formats for sophisticated medical imaging diagnostics. At the same time, it can process images of complex organisms and realize real-time 3D imaging. CT(X-ray tomography), MRI(nuclear magnetic resonance), PET(positron emission tomography) and other data are presented in real-time rendering.

3. Single-arm TV mount with lifting function

There are single-arm stands in medical TV mounts. The arms for medical used are typically much thicker than civilian arms, because they need to withstand larger pressures and move more flexibly. For example: A doctor hangs the LCD TV on the wall and adjusts the angle, so that the patient can watch TV easily while lying in bed. This kind of TV mount can be seen in most hospitals.

4. Mobile multimedia combination TV mount for professional audio and video workstations

What is three heads and six arms? This kind of mobile tv wall mount is composed of a double arm bracket, a single arm bracket and a bracket tray. The lower part of the TV mount is also equipped with a mobile platform. Such TV mounts can be seen in large audio and video workstations.

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