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What is the Dual-Screen or Multi-Screen TV Mount that Applies to Various Industries?

Television brackets are involved in various industries, including medical equipment, electric power and water conservancy, energy and chemical industry, public safety, transportation, science and technology finance, government agencies, aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, education and training, and many other key industries. The goal of an excellent heavy-duty television stand solution is to maximize work efficiency, enabling people to meet more work requirements and make work more efficient through the powerful functions and characteristics of the bracket.

Nowadays, there is a complete range of custom tv brackets models, including double-screen, triple-screen, quadruple-screen, and hex-screen television brackets for any selection. They support various organizations such as financial transaction centers, command centers, big data centers, and housing management centers to browse and process massive picture information and data information and provide a stable, reliable, and high-performance integrated office environment and transaction environment with large display devices in daily work, helping staff to cope with increasingly complex business. The selection of a double-screen bracket or multi-screen television bracket is especially important and must be considered from multiple perspectives.

Ergonomic design of mobile television stand

The comfort level of the operator has an important role in work efficiency, maintaining status, as well as enhancing critical task decision-making. Therefore, no matter what industry it is, ergonomics must be considered. heavy-duty television stands apply ergonomic standards to all product designs, is centered around people, and uniformly studied as a whole to create the most suitable work environment for operations, coordinating with each other, and creating the optimal human-machine relationship on the premise of reliability and safety.

Zinc-aluminum alloy as the main material of mobile television stand

heavy-duty television stands are not made of ordinary aluminum alloy material but instead choose zinc-aluminum alloy material. In terms of material cost, zinc-aluminum alloy is two to three times more expensive than aluminum alloy. Many companies now want to replace zinc-aluminum alloy with aluminum alloy to save costs, but some cannot be replaced because the strength, hardness, and forming properties of zinc-aluminum alloy are much better than aluminum alloy. Zinc-aluminum alloy has a low melting point, a small solidification temperature range, is easy to fill and form, has a small tendency for shrinkage holes, and can cast complex and thin-walled precision parts by pressure casting. The surface of the casting is smooth, and the dimensional accuracy is high. The casting temperature is low, and the service life is long. It is not easy to stick to the mold, does not corrode, greatly increasing the service life of the bracket. Moreover, the mechanical properties of zinc-aluminum alloy at room temperature are also relatively high, especially its compressive strength and wear resistance.

Overall, mobile television stand meet the various needs of various industries and make every effort to cooperate with the overall planning, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of equipment research and development to fully meet their business development needs. Television brackets have already reached every corner.

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