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Multifunctional Retractable TV Hanger

Electric lift wall bracket is a TV peripheral equipment specially developed for flat-panel TVs and LCD TVs to be hung on the wall. Suitable for offices, conference rooms, exhibition halls, hotels, airports, railway stations, hospitals, bus stations, shopping plazas and other places. The data shows that with the fierce competition of TV hanger manufacturers, TV hangers have derived various functions such as tilt adjustment, rotation adjustment, and level adjustment from ordinary fixed wall-mounted functions, and are more and more popular among users. If the TV hanger is also divided into three types: primary, intermediate and advanced, then, only the primary can be fixed, the intermediate can be adjusted for tilting, and the advanced can be adjusted and retracted in many ways.

1. In order to ensure the safety of the TV, it is necessary to work hard on the material of the automatic TV stand

We all know that many electric lift wall stands on the market are made of aluminum alloys, or aviation aluminum alloys. In fact, what we need to look at is the material itself, steel, aluminum alloy, zinc-aluminum alloy, we search the Internet to know which one is good and the other is bad.

It is well known that the hardness of steel is relatively high, and we use steel as the main material because the TV bracket carries the TV we bought at a high price, so, in order to ensure the safety of the TV, of course, the material is important. The electroplating process used on the surface is also to better prevent corrosion and oxidation. The resulting product looks textured, with a glossy but slightly matte finish, comfortable to the touch, and no shine. And hard and wear-resistant. It is made of zinc-aluminum alloy and plastic, and the overall look will not feel very stiff. After all, there is silver as an embellishment, which is more high-end.

2. Adjustable design of automatic TV stand

The automatic TV stand can be adjusted in multiple directions, tilting left and right, panning horizontally, and telescopic forward and backward, all of which can be adjusted to meet our viewing angles from different angles. The position of the middle telescopic position adopts a diamond-shaped structure design, which is convenient for stretching and more stable. Each joint position is adjustable. If you don't need to stretch, you can adjust the bracket to the closest distance to the wall.

For us, fixing the bracket is the original purpose, but with the improvement of living standards, the quality will also rise, and our requirements are more and more. These functions of the stand are also designed according to our daily habits to meet our viewing needs. In fact, it makes us more and more relaxed and free, convenient and comfortable, and we can see how we want to see. There is also a bracket safety protection design to prevent the TV from falling off, sharing the weight of the TV, etc., making the TV more secure.

The details of the electric lift wall stand are to bring us a better experience, after all, no one wants to disturb the whole atmosphere because of the TV. Therefore, when choosing a TV stand, we also hope that everyone will be cautious and choose a better material and quality to make our life more comfortable!

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