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How to Install the Wall Mount TV Stand?

Ⅰ. Types of wall mount TV stands

Wall mount TV stands can be divided into two categories.

1. Ordinary stand: generally, such a electric mobile tv stand can only simply hang the TV on the wall, and the bearing capacity is relatively small. It is relatively thin and has a relatively low requirement on the wall.

2. Cantilever stand: this type of TV wall mount is a multi-functional stand, which can achieve our different viewing angles.

The main reason is that this kind of TV stand is composed of a cantilever, and the angle can be adjusted at will. It is characterized by many viewing angles. Of course, the requirements for the wall are relatively high, and a solid load-bearing wall is required. Most of the cantilever stands are used on large-size TVs.

Ⅱ. The choice of wall mount TV stand

How should we choose when we buy a wall mount TV stand? First of all, when choosing a wall mount TV stand, see how many inches the conference screen is, and then choose a TV stand within the corresponding range according to the size of the TV;

We need to look at the weight of the screen and see if it meets the requirements according to the weight range of the display wall mount motorized; we need to check whether the hole position behind the screen meets the requirements according to the VISA hole position range of the TV stand.

Ⅲ. The installation steps of wall mount TV stand

(1) Prepare the installation materials, and pay attention to the quality of the stand and hardware when purchasing.

(2) Follow the instructions when installing. The general steps are relatively simple, and the important thing is the ability to do it.

(3) When choosing a location, do not choose a load-bearing wall or a place with strong humidity and light.

(4) The installation of the TV stand is not difficult, but the handling of the wire interface requires certain skills. This requires attention to leave a suitable position when installing the wall mount TV stand.

Ⅳ. The installation precautions of wall mount TV stand

(1) Choice of location

When installing the TV stand, you must first select the location of the video installation to ensure the clarity of the video.

(2) Choice of location and size

Generally, there must be a certain space when installing the wall mount. There should be a space for heat dissipation on the back, up and down, left and right of the screen, and there should be at least 15 cm distance between the TV stand and the wall.

(3) Handling of wiring

The various wire interfaces of the wall mount TV stand should not touch the wall or bend too much. Generally, the wires should be placed behind the screen.

Ⅴ. Some tips of wall mount TV stand

(1) The mobile lcd cart is divided into wall-mounted, hanging and mobile types; wall-mounted type is divided into LCD TV flat stand and LCD TV cantilever stand, and LCD TV screen stand is divided into adjustable angle and non-adjustable angle types.

(2) Height: the home wall mount TV stand is generally 0.9 to 1.1 meters, the shopping mall wall mount TV stand is generally about 1.3 meters, and the hospital wall mount TV stand is generally 1.6 meters.

(3) Installation on the wall: as far as wall installation is concerned, it is easier to install it on ordinary brick walls, while the installation on marble walls, glass walls and slab walls requires certain tools. It is best to consult a professional when installing.

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