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TV Display Stand Used for Office and Entertainment

1. Tabletop single-arm TV display stand

This kind of TV display stand is most used in our daily life. With the functions of telescopic adjustment, height adjustment, etc., it basically meet the angle requirements in daily use. For daily office, games and entertainment, this kind of TV display stand is recommended. The price of this kind of TV mobile display stand will be relatively civilian relative to the professional TV display stand to be introduced later.

Users can adjust the angle of the TV to change the angle of view, so as to reduce neck muscle fatigue and improve productivity. Some of these TV display stands even provide wire management box. It can hide the cable under the arm, so as not to interfere with the user's operation.

If you have a wide desk, you are advised to opt for the triangle single-arm TV display stand. If the arm is not long enough, you can adjust it by moving the movable television stand. If you have a narrow computer desk with a cable hole in it, you can try the clip-on single-arm TV display stand, and clip the clamp in the cable hole. Not only does this operation save desktop space, but it's also a better way to hide TV cables and power cords with a TV display stand.

2. Lifting TV display stand

Computer programmers often turn items on and off repeatedly during programming, which can be tiring to do this frequently. If you have interest and have enough TVs, you can build an array of curved TVs with dual lifting TV display stands. The advantage of media cart on wheels is that the users can connect two LCD TVs arbitrarily on this stand, and then the TVs can be rotated freely, which is very flexible. Users can even stand two TVS up and merge them into a "book". Or they can connect two TVs horizontally to create an ultra-widescreen screen. Users can also put one TV horizontally and one TV vertically.

3. Two-arm TV display stand

Two-arm TV display stand is the twin of the dual lifting TV display stand. The functional difference between them is that the two-arm TV display stand is more stable when supporting heavier TVs, while the two-arm swivel stand mount can achieve more flexible angle adjustment.

4. Multi-arm TV display stand

The multi-arm TV display stand s an upgraded version of the two-arm TV display stand. It can splice three TVs into one. For a lot of people who speculate in the stock market, a three-screen TV might be enough, that is, one is used to see the market, one is used to see a single stock, and one is used to see the stock market, which is very useful.

5. Combination lifting TV display stand

The advantage of the combination lifting TV display stand is that it can carry two different display devices at the same time. For example, one stand of lcd mobile cart supports the LCD TV, and the other supports the laptop. There are many advantages, for example, when you're in a meeting, you can face your laptop, turn the TV back to yourself, and show the information on the TV to your colleagues in other seats in full view.

This kind of TV display stand roughly has two kinds of bases: pulley and triangle base. The TV display stand with a pulley base has a set of sliding pulleys at the bottom, allowing free movement of equipment placed on it. The greatest advantage of the latter type is that users can put it on their desk, which is very suitable for mobile office workers.

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