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TV Wall Mount Price and Installation Tips

High-quality TV mounts are relatively more expensive than ordinary ones

With the competition among TV mount manufacturers and the needs of consumers, TV mounts have more and more functions, such as angle adjustment, multi-face rotation, horizontal adjustment, etc. All these measures are to better meet the needs of customers. Of course, the functionality and beauty are proportional to the price. Buying from specialized TV mount manufacturers is better than other brand names because professionalism determines everything. Although the price may be higher, you can buy with peace of mind, use with peace of mind, and it is convenient to use.

For some companies who need large-scale TV mounts, such as conference rooms, exhibition halls, bus stops or shopping malls, they can go to wholesale centers where they will provide a full range of services, and prices will be favorable. It is convenient to give them specifications and engineering design. Generally, simplicity and practicality are the main factors for these occasions. Custom tv mounts must have strong stability.

Installation Skills of TV mounts

Load-bearing walls

Before purchasing a "wall-mounted" flat-screen TV, consumers should investigate the cement structure of the office area. The flat-screen TV needs to be wall-mounted, and the wall must be solid brick, concrete or an installation surface with equivalent strength. According to the national installation service standard, the carrying capacity of the installation surface should be guaranteed to be no less than 4 times the actual load-bearing weight of the TV. The TV should not tilt over when tilted forward or backward by 10 degrees after installation.

Installation environment

  • Humidity

Actually, as an electrical appliance, both old color TVs and current flat-screen TVs are unsuitable for prolonged exposure to humid environments. Since many flat-screen TVs do not come with waterproof protection, the circuit board inside the heat dissipation grid will come into direct contact with the external air. If the flat-screen TV is installed too close to moisture, it will damage the machine.

  • Signal interference

Although the flat-screen TV is mounted on the wall, it still needs to avoid the impact of strong electric and electromagnetic field objects as much as possible. Electrical appliances that can move freely, such as electric stoves, radios, etc., should be kept as far away from the TV as possible. Other large products should not be placed near the TV mount. The installation of the sound system should also try to keep a certain distance from the flat-screen TV of the TV mount, in order to avoid signal interference and affect the viewing effect.

Installation position

In actual installation of flat-screen TVs, the viewing distance should be at least 3-5 times the diagonal distance of the display screen. The installation height of the TV mount should be suitable for users to sit on a chair or sofa, looking straight at the center of the TV (or slightly below). The center of the TV is generally about 1.3 meters above the ground. For example, the height of a 43-inch plasma TV is about 66cm, and the distance from the bottom of the plasma is about 97cm from the ground, while the height from the top of the plasma to the ground is about 163cm. This is the best position for users to sit on a chair and watch the TV.

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