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An Excellent Set of TV Bracket Solutions

A set of excellent TV bracket solutions is designed to maximize work efficiency, allowing people to meet more work needs and make work more efficient through the powerful functions and features of the stand. So for the TV bracket brand, don't ask what brand of TV bracket is good, now iworkhub will show you a powerful classic TV bracket solution.

The high-strength zinc-aluminum alloy material makes the bracket extremely stable, and the sturdy base facility can provide strong protection for assets when emergencies come. At the same time, the base area of the stand is much smaller than that of the ordinary base, so that the space under the monitor can also be utilized, saving space.

1. Ergonomic design of TV bracket

Operator comfort plays an important role in productivity, maintaining performance, and improving mission-critical decisions, so ergonomics must be considered in any industry. The TV bracket applies the latest ergonomic standards to all product designs, human-centered, unified overall research to create the most suitable working environment for operation, coordinated with each other. Create the optimal human-machine relationship under the premise of reliability and safety.

2. Main material of TV bracket zinc-aluminum alloy

It is not an ordinary aluminum alloy material, but a zinc-aluminum alloy material. In terms of material cost, zinc-aluminum alloy is two or three times more expensive than aluminum alloy. Now many companies want to use aluminum alloys to replace zinc-aluminum alloys in order to save costs, but some cannot be replaced, because the strength, hardness and formability of zinc-aluminum alloys are much better than aluminum alloys.

Zinc-aluminum alloy has low melting point, small solidification temperature range, easy filling and molding, small shrinkage crater tendency, and can die-cast precision parts with complex shapes and thin walls, with smooth casting surface and high dimensional accuracy; low pouring temperature, long service life, not easy to stick to mold, no corrosion, no corrosion, greatly increase the service life of the TV bracket. Moreover, the mechanical properties of zinc-aluminum alloy at room temperature are also high, especially the compression resistance and wear resistance are very good.

3. Multi-axis universal rotation of TV bracket, exploring infinite possibilities of space

The torque bearing design of the TV bracket supports up and down hovering and lifting adjustment, lifting and pitching, and adjustable at will. The function is ahead of many monitor cantilever brackets, 360° free rotation, and free switching between horizontal and vertical screens; the horizontal rotation of a single arm reaches 180 °, and the single-arm joint (forearm) rotates not less than 90° left and right, a veritable rotatable TV stand.

iworkhub bracket will consider and meet the various needs of users as a whole, put services as important as products, and always take meeting customer needs and providing comprehensive services as the purpose, in the process of continuous development and improvement, solve customer problems technical difficulties, and ultimately make our service a powerful tool to realize the customer's career ambitions!

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