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Classification of Projector TV Brackets

With the rapid development of science and technology, the demand and transmission of information in life are becoming more and more important. Whether in daily life, or studying and working, the demand for video projection is also increasing. In fact, there are many classifications of telescopic ceiling brackets for projectors. The following is the classification of the projector bracket.

1. Fixed adjustable projector ceiling mount

Fixed projector brackets are mainly used in small meeting rooms and schools, just to simply meet the projection needs. It is a simple and easy to install product, some of which can be anti-theft treatment to ensure the safety of the projector. There is a universal claw at the bottom of the adjustable projector ceiling mount to adjust the direction of the lens, which ensures the normal and stable projection of the image of the projector.

2. Cross-cut electric adjustable projector ceiling mount

Electric scissor brackets are very common. Its characteristic is that the height of the projector can be adjusted up and down, and it can be adjusted in an electric way to achieve a stable and reliable effect. When using, only need to operate the button to put down the projector bracket, after use, only need to operate the button, and the projector can be installed back to the ceiling. This not only has a good protective effect on the projector, but also saves the space for placing the projector, and flexibly expands the use efficiency of the indoor space.

3. Bamboo-type electric adjustable projector ceiling mount

Bamboo-type electric projector bracket is mainly used in star hotel banquet halls, government work report halls, large conference rooms and other places. The characteristics of the bamboo-type bracket: stable operation, accurate positioning, internal wiring, beautiful appearance, aluminum alloy frame light weight. For the better products, you are supposed to choose a reliable TV brackets supplier.

4. Box type electric adjustable projector ceiling mount

The box-type electric projector bracket is designed on the ceiling with a "box" space for storing the projector. The projector is adjusted from the opened "box" to a suitable position before projection. When the projector is closed, the bracket is shrunk into the ceiling "box", this box design can store the projector smartly when the projector is not in use, which is conducive to the overall coordination of the indoor space.

The projector bracket works well. The projection can be placed on the large screen smoothly and normally. At the same time, there are many quality and types of projector brackets, each of which has its own style and needs.

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