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Video Wall Mount

Display Panel technology is keeps evolving. Nowadays, the innovative LED screen wall mounts/ hangers have already changed the way of engaging customers.

iWORKHUB's types of TV brackets and LCD/ LED multiple monitor screen TV wall mounts can support the visualization of your creativity and effectively strengthen your brand value.

Well designed by the engineers at iWORKHUB, these multiple panel TV wall mounts also support various LED/LDC display sizes and brands, including Samsung IFH/IF series, Absen Acclaim Series, Unilumin UpanelS Series, Barco XT Series, LG LAS Fine-pitch, Leyard TVF Series, NEC F Series, LG LAA015F, and etc......

Moreover, these video wall TV mounts/stands are also all well constructed with powder-coated welded steel and VESA industry standards. They can perfectly fit the professional demands of quick and easy installation. To be more specific, the LED video wall stands produced by iWORKHUB are specifically designed for unlimited extension and different configurations for both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) orientation. The anti-theft feature (padlock required) can also prevent unauthorized removal of screens. With Tool-less micro-adjustment, it is easy for iWORKHUB's products like 4x4 wall bracket to overcome uneven walls and maintain the flatness of the screens. In addition, all the video secure wall mounts are also able to manage the cables at your office and have the quick release function for service maintenance.

iWORKHUB, a professional video wall mount manufacturer &  TV stand supplier, strives to provide the video wall solution to support dynamic informative sharing anywhere.

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IWORKHUB provides full mounting solutions for commercial pane, Interactive Display, LCD, LED video wall etc., and various customizations.