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How to Choose a Projector Stand?

After purchasing a projector, many people have encountered difficulties in use. The location and height of the projector are always unsatisfactory, which affects the user experience. At this time, it is necessary to purchase a projector TV mount to solve the problem.

At present, most projectors on the market support various installation methods such as formal installation and ceiling installation. According to the user's usage habits and the projection space environment, there are various usage methods.

For example, it can be hung on the ceiling, on the wall or on the ground, etc. No matter which one is, it needs the help of a projector mount.

Let me tell you what types of projector mounts are available, and what kind of scenes they are suitable respectively, so that everyone know how to choose.

1. Floor-standing TV mount

Floor-standing mounts, also known as upright mounts, are probably the most common type of mount available today. The shape of the electric mobile tv stand is similar to the tripod that fixes the camera, and it is mainly divided into three parts: the head, the support rod, and the base.

When purchasing, users should first check the adjustable height of the floor-standing TV mount to see if it matches your needs. At the same time, the top pan/tilt can preferably be adjusted horizontally 360°and vertically 90°, which is convenient for subsequent use.

Advantages: the height and position can be adjusted freely, and it is more convenient to move and adjust.

Applicable scene: suitable for a large space, such as a conference room, and the ground should be flat.

2. Adjustable projector ceiling mount

You must be familiar with adjustable projector tv wall mount angled ceiling. Adjustable projector ceiling mounts, as the name suggests, are mounts that can be hung on the ceiling.

It is often used in our classrooms to deliver slideshows. In installing the adjustable projector ceiling mount, the projector needs to be placed upside down, so the way the projector projects needs to be modified in the system.

Advantages: it does not occupy floor space, and is not prone to accidental touch after installation

Usage scenarios: it can be installed in classrooms, conference rooms, living rooms, etc.

3. Wall-mounted TV mount

The wall mount is similar to the ceiling mount, which is used by driving expansion screws into the wall and fixing it. At present, most of the wall-mounted mounts support pitch adjustment. After installation, mobile tv wall mount can get rid of the shackles of the desktop. However, the installation location needs to be determined in advance. The installation location should be appropriate so that it is convenient for projection and easy to connect to the power supply.

Advantages: smaller, and wall-mounted TV mount does not occupy floor space

Applicable scene: suitable for installation in entertainment places.

In addition to the above three projector mounts, there are desktop mounts and bedside mounts, etc., which have similar functions. They are mainly used for auxiliary projection on desktops and bedside tables. Users can choose according to their own needs.

It's important to note that floor mounts and desktop mounts are relatively easy to use, but adjustable projector ceiling mounts and wall mounts require extra "work".

When installing, you need to consider the size of the site, the location of the installation, the projected picture and angle, and you should make preparation in advance when choosing this type of mount, so as to get twice the result with half the effort.

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