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TV Stand Allows You to Increase Efficiency with Its Free and Flexible Adjustment

Installing a TV stand has many advantages: it can reduce the space occupied, and allow the monitor to be adjusted more flexibly, such as being able to rotate at will, adjusting the height of the position, etc., bringing you higher work efficiency. However, many brackets on the market can only bear the weight of small monitors, and now the size of many monitors has increased to 24 inches, so the previous brackets can no longer meet the needs of many consumers. The new adjustable TV stand uses stronger materials, so it can support monitors or all-in-one computers weighing 5kg to 12kg, and can support mainstream monitors from 15 inches to 24 inches and even all-in-one products, which is more practical.

1. The adjustable TV bracket is made of high-strength material, which can be adjusted flexibly

The adjustable TV stand is made of zinc-aluminum alloy material, which has high strength. The bracket itself is relatively light, but it can carry the weight of a 24-inch large-screen monitor or an all-in-one computer. Not only that, but this stand can flexibly adjust the position and status of the monitor. It supports up and down hovering and lifting adjustment, which can be controlled at will according to the user's own height.

In addition, the adjustable TV stand allows the tilt angle of the monitor screen to be adjusted arbitrarily between ±90°, the tilt angle of the arm can be adjusted between -30° and 65°, and the arm can be rotated 360°, allowing the monitor You can switch between landscape and portrait at will. It is because of the great adjustability of this monitor stand that you can let the monitor adjust the position according to your sitting position.

2. The adjustable TV stand can handle every detail and is unique

The adjustable TV bracket adopts the process of deburring, which can prevent users from being cut during installation and use, and can also increase its overall texture. Its strut part is made of zinc-aluminum alloy, which is seamless and integrated, which not only increases the overall rigidity, but also makes it more beautiful. In addition, the adjustable TV stand no longer hangs in the air, destroying the overall aesthetics, and also increases safety.

In addition, the adjustable TV bracket adopts a unique intelligent torque bearing design, which can adjust the torque according to the actual weight of the monitor or all-in-one machine, so that the screen can be more stably fixed on the bracket, and can be easily and quickly fixed to any one location.

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