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Do You Know the Advantages of Wall Mounting?

1. Wall mount installation is getting more and more popular

Nowadays, TV bodies are getting thinner and thinner, so many people choose to hang the TV on the TV wall of the living room. This form of wall-mounted TV cart installation, which is very different from the traditional installation method that the TV is directly placed on the TV cabinet, can not only flexibly raise the height of the TV, but also does not occupy the space of the TV cabinet.

2. The advantages of wall mount installation

(1) Free up living room space

One of the biggest advantages of wall mount installation is to save space on the TV cabinet. Especially for small apartments, the saved TV cabinet space can be used to place and store items, so that the living room space can be fully utilized and released.

(2) More reasonable viewing height

The height of the TV cabinet in many people's homes is very low, while the height of the sofa is relatively high. If the TV is placed directly on the TV cabinet, the viewing angle is from the top view. Such a height makes the viewing angle uncomfortable.

When you choose the tv bracket supplier, you can freely and flexibly choose the installation height of the TV. Generally speaking, the TV is about 1.3 meters away from the ground. However, you should analyze the specific height according to the height of your own sofa, and try to keep it as flat or slightly lower than the viewing line of sight a little bit. It can't be too low and too high. Neck pain will be caused if it is too high.

(3) Avoiding accidents such as TV knocking over

Mounting the TV on the wall higher than the ground and fixing it on the wall can prevent the children from touching the TV and bring safety hazards for families with children. And if the TV is placed directly on the TV cabinet, these hidden dangers always exist.

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