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How to Select a Mobile Television Cart?

As an important part of complete video conferencing, the performance of video conferencing tools plays a decisive role in the effect of video conferencing. Currently, video conferencing carts on the market are various, ranging from high-performance products for the professional market to low-end products that win at a price. In the face of the video market of complex simple display cart brands, how to select a nice and cheap product can be simply considered from the three aspects of product functions, materials, and their own needs.

Whether a product can satisfy users, in addition to the product functions, there is also the impact of the application. In actual applications, due to differences in application industries and environments, users have different concerns about video conferencing products. Generally speaking, excellent functions and stability should be the primary factors considered by users when applying in the social office field. In enterprise-level applications, because of the different frequency of use by enterprises, enterprises are more inclined to choose products with high-cost performance.

1. Selection of mobile television cart

In addition to environmental factors, users should also fully consider their actual application requirements when purchasing mobile TV cart products. With the development of video conferencing technology, the following industry trends make people overwhelmed, and some users blindly catch up with the trend when buying products, ignoring their own actual needs, resulting in a waste of money. In order to ensure the value for money, users should follow these principles when purchasing mobile video conference cart:

(1) It is necessary to confirm the purpose of the application. Select the product type that meets the needs functionally according to one's own professional needs, and it is not advisable to simply consider the cost or catch up with the trend.

(2) Considering the existing equipment comprehensively. If the user already has a certain number of video conferencing facilities, then it is necessary to control the number of purchases according to the number of meeting rooms and make full use of the existing facilities to save input costs.

(3) In addition to paying attention to the quality and performance of the product, it is also necessary to pay attention to the after-sales service of the product, especially when purchasing in bulk. The product must consider the after-sales service of the selected product manufacturer, the scale of spare parts, etc., in order to avoid the trouble of maintenance in the daily application as much as possible.

Therefore, we summarize the key points for enterprise users to choose video conferencing carts: cost performance and after-sales service. It is advisable to choose mobile television carts based on the above.

2. The mobile television cart is a good helper for corporate video conference

The portable tv cart with wheels can be pushed and walked with you. It can not only conduct video conferences but also display company information. It can also reduce the cost of recycling without printing. Simply put, it can directly feedback information to consumers, which is both intuitive and concise. It does not need to be installed on the wall, which creates a lot of convenient conditions for video conferencing. And it is not necessary to install audio-visual equipment in each meeting room, which further reduces the vacancy rate of the equipment.

In terms of functions, in order to adapt to different display environments and office spaces, the mobile TV cart can be moved up and down freely, with a built-in audio-visual tray and camera tray, making video conference more convenient, and they can all be moved up and down to satisfy everyone's perspective and the need of space.

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