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Common Knowledge About TV Bracket

Ⅰ. Introduction to various TV mounts

1. Fixed bracket: A wall bracket for fixing the TV on the mounting surface without any Angle adjustment.

2. Up-and-down adjustment bracket: With this kind of wall TV bracket, the pitching angle of the TV can be adjusted to a certain extent.

3. Rotary multifunctional bracket: This kind of wall bracket has one or more rotating joints that can rotate the TV at multiple angles. With the expansion function of adjusting the pitching angle, users can watch TV from multiple angles, which helps relieve cervical spine and visual fatigue, and conforms with the modern healthy and free life concept. Therefore, it is a popular tv bracket stand on the market at present.

4. Floor bracket: Easy movement is the advantage of this kind of TV bracket. One TV can be used in more than one room, and it is not necessary to punch holes in the wall, so the installation and remove are convenient. Because it is not necessary to punch holes when using this kind of bracket, this kind of bracket is mainly used in offices, exhibitions, hotel lobbies, etc. Now more and more people are installing floor TV brackets in various places.

Ⅱ. Installation requirements of TV bracket

1. Bearing limit

Each TV mount is labeled with the maximum load bearing capacity. The weight of the TV should be within the maximum load bearing capacity of the TV bracket.

2. Back of the TV

Most TVS on the market now have flat backs for mounting brackets such our tv bracket for slanted ceiling. But in a few cases, the back of the TV protrudes or the interfaces will be blocked by the bracket. This kind of TV is not very suitable for mounting bracket.

3. Metope requirements

The TV can be hung on cement, concrete, solid brick, plank or walls with equivalent load-bearing capacity. TVs cannot be installed on marbles, gypsum boards, hollow bricks, thin boards, glass plates and other special installation surfaces. You can embed the TV into the mounting surface, or use a removable TV bracket.

4. Height requirements

The vertical distance between the center of the panel TV set and the ground should be within 1 m to 2 m.

The newly developed TV bracket has more functions. They can be rotated, and the angle and watching distance can be adjusted, which helps relieve physical and visual fatigue. We understand how important it is for users to interact freely with others in information sharing. Therefore, in our manufacturing for commercial TV cabinets and monitor wall brackets, we will combine user-driven design with easy-to-work function. As for iworkhub tv bracket manufacturer, we encourage collaboration and we want to see creativity stimulated.

We have movable TV brackets on sale. Our TV brackets, trolleys and bracket solutions work perfectly in different places. Customers choose us to maximize their productivity and efficiency. Our custom solutions team can provide you with professional and reliable technical services to manage projects in a timely manner from concept to complete delivery.

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