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Installation of TV Bracket Installation Common Sense

TV brackets are in our lives, so many people have this question, is it difficult to install a TV bracket?

What we want to say here is that you will not find it difficult if you have learned the installation experience and skills of the TV stand. If you want to understand the common sense of the TV stand, you may follow us to continue to read.

The installation of wall-mounted TVs such as angled ceiling TV bracket has strict requirements on the firmness of the wall. LCD TVs need to be wall-mounted. The wall must be solid brick, concrete or an installation surface equivalent to its strength. The load-bearing capacity of the mounting surface should be no less than 4 times the actual load capacity of the TV. The TV should not fall over when tilted back and forth 10 degrees after installation.

Signal interference: Although the LCD TV is hung on the wall, it is necessary to avoid the influence of strong electricity and strong electromagnetic field objects. For example, electric appliances that can be moved at will, such as induction cookers, radios, should be as far away from the TV as possible, and other large home appliances should not be arranged to be placed near the TV.

Humidity: In fact, as a household appliance, whether it is an old color TV or a current LCD TV, it is not suitable to stay in a humid environment for a long time. Since many LCD TVs do not have waterproof protection, the internal circuit board of the heat dissipation grid will directly contact the outside air, and the installation position of the LCD TV too close to moisture will damage the machine.

The above are common sense about installing the TV bracket. Humidity and signal interference that we have mentioned are very important. Of course, these are not the only important common sense. If you have further questions, please feel free to consult iWORKHUB. 

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