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Application and Advantages of Conference Screen Mobile Bracket in Business Conference

Ⅰ. Custom TV brackets make the conference screen movable

The shape of the smart conference touch all-in-one with a customized TV stand is a bit like an LCD TV. It displays a variety of contents through a large size, has a touch function, and can realize touch operations. At the same time, it cooperates with accessory accessories to solve the need for multi-person collaboration in the meeting.

Smart meeting touch all-in-one machine, mainly used for corporate office and conference. In the smart meeting, the touch custom TV brackets all-in-one machine should have three functions: wireless screen transmission, convenient writing, and video conference.

Ⅱ. The application advantages of custom TV stand conference touch all-in-one in business meetings

1. All-in-one meeting touch equipment makes the meeting process more and more circulated.

The device integrates functions such as high-definition video collection, handwriting screen, computer, TV, audio, etc., without installation procedures. It does not require complicated wiring, and it is equipped with custom display mounts to make meeting preparations easier and smoother the meeting process.

2. The coherent presentation makes the presentation more convincing.

With it, it is no longer a simple broadcast of ppt, word, excel, flash or video files. You can combine the needs of comments, call presentation-related materials or imitate the progress of things at any time, and firmly grasp the attention of the participants with portable TV wall mount officeworks.  tv wall mount officeworks

3. Event communication can stimulate people's enthusiasm for meetings.

In the interactive session of the classroom, participants in the meeting can participate in asking questions and comments, and directly express their opinions on the screen, or use relevant materials to prove their ideas. This can greatly enhance the vitality of the meeting site and arouse the enthusiasm of the meeting and discussion.

4. Long-distance online collaborative work, people from different places are as if they are in the same room.

It is equipped with a long-distance video conference system to provide smooth audio communication for participants in different places. The blackboard sharing function supports people in different places to write and express their opinions on the same blackboard. The use of custom-made TV brackets truly realizes that participants in different places are as if they are in a room.

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