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Installation Techniques for Different Types of Wall TV Stands

There are business conference TV brackets and wall-mounted LCD TV brackets for flat screen TVs. TV brackets are specially designed equipment around a TV for flat panel TVs and wall-mounted LCD TVs. The types of walls are mainly brick walls, wooden walls, decorative walls, glass walls, and marble walls. These walls have strict requirements for screw size and spacing. When installing wall TV stands, users should pay attention to different installation techniques according to different wall types.

Installation of wall-mounted brackets for ordinary brick walls

When installing movable wall mounts on ordinary brick walls, there is no need for special tools or techniques, just drill holes in the walls with an impact drill, screw in the screws, and hang the TV.

Installation of wall-mounted brackets for board walls

Board walls are divided into solid board and plasterboard walls. For solid board walls with a thickness of 2cm, simply fill the circle with self-tapping screws. If it is a plasterboard wall, select the location first, use an art knife to drill a hole in the center of the specified point (the size of a finger), then place a long board with a thickness of 2cm on the bracket, so that the self-tapping screw passes through the plasterboard and enters the wall, increasing the bearing surface area.

Installation of wall-mounted brackets for marble walls

Marble walls are divided into integral marble and patterned marble. For integral marble slabs, a glass drill should be selected. When using a glass drill, water must be poured during drilling to prevent it from burning out. If it is really difficult to drill the glass drill into the wall, use an impact drill when drilling halfway, but the impact drill must be placed on the gear of the electric drill, otherwise the marble will crack. After drilling, install the expansion screw until it is tightened. For patterned marble, be extra careful when drilling holes for TV wall brackets, because patterned marble itself has lines, and a slightly larger vibration will cause the crack to expand.

Installation of wall-mounted brackets for glass walls

There are brick walls and board walls behind the glass wall. If there is a brick wall behind the glass wall, after selecting the position of the wall TV stand, first use a glass drill, but water must also be poured on the glass drill during drilling. The selected glass drill must be larger than the impact drill for the brick wall. After the glass hole is completed, use the impact drill inside the brick wall. In order to prevent the glass from being crushed by the screw when screwing in, it is best to choose screws with larger expansion tubes as the filling ring. The thickness of the filling ring can be slightly thicker than the glass, and then tighten the screw. If there is a board wall behind the glass plate, just drill a glass hole with a slightly larger size, place the filling ring after drilling, and then use a self-tapping screw. The selected self-tapping screw must be slightly longer than the thickness of the glass + board thickness.

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