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The Advanced Way of TV Floor Mount

Nowadays, television is not limited to social entertainment, but is widely used in more diversified application scenarios, such as company meetings, shopping mall advertisements, exhibition promotions, and school learning. The role of TV floor mount keeps pace with the times.

Introduction to the Material of Floor Mount TV Stand

As televisions become movable devices, they require safe and reliable floor stands for support. A good stand inevitably embodies the combination of materials and technology. In terms of materials, floor mount TV stand use sturdy cold-rolled steel; in terms of pipe processing, fiber laser cutting technology is used. The fiber laser cutting machine adopts a numerically controlled fully automatic processing method. With its high speed, efficiency, lower investment, and higher output characteristics, it has been unanimously recommended by metal pipe manufacturers and has become a standard equipment in the pipe cutting and manufacturing process.

The diameter of the stand determines the attributes of the TV floor stand. The thicker the pipe diameter, the more stable it is, and the thinner it is, the more portable it is. With the use of fiber laser cutting machines, cutting can be adapted to different diameter pipes, as well as different pipe shapes, whether they are square tubes, round tubes, or various irregular tubes, providing manufacturers with comprehensive solutions for their pipe production needs.

The TV Floor Stand Needs to Be Punched on the Pipe

Therefore, the TV height can be adjusted through a card slot according to different sitting or standing scenarios to find the best viewing position. Traditional mechanical punching is costly and slow in efficiency. Laser punching is much lower in cost and higher in efficiency. The fiber laser cutting machine can punch holes together while cutting pipes, and can punch any shape drawn on the computer. The hole position has high precision and the surface is smooth without burrs.

With the increasing popularity of flat-screen TVs, almost every household can see TVs. TVs of various types can be found in public places such as offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, and airports. Various TV stands and monitor stands have also entered our careers, providing us with great convenience for our work and life. As a professional TV monitor stand manufacturer and solution provider, iworkhub will provide the most comprehensive and detailed product system of floor mount TV stand, hoping to provide some help for your healthy life. Welcome to consult us online!

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