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Steps for TV Stand Installation

1. To understand what a TV stand is before TV stand installation

The TV stand is a stand that allows the TV to be hung on the wall. It can be divided into two types: ordinary stand and cantilever stand. When choosing products from the tv stand supplier, you need to see how many inches your TV is, and then choose the appropriate range according to the size of the TV. The choosing of the TV stand also depends on the weight of the TV, and then see that if the holes on the back of the TV meet the demands according to the VISA hole range of the TV stand.

2. Steps of TV stand installation

When installing the TV stand, we must first prepare the tools to be used for the TV stand installation, and pay attention to the quality of the stand and hardware when purchasing. Secondly, when we install the TV rack, we must follow the instructions. It is best to sit on a stool or sofa and look at the center of the TV head up or down slightly to determine the lacation. You can drill holes after confirming that there are no pipelines of water, electricity, gas, etc. buried in the operating part of the installation wall.

If it is an ordinary brick wall, no special tools and craftsmanship are needed. Just punch holes, screw and hang the TV on the wall. If it is a gypsum board wall, after selecting the positioning point, first drill a hole in the center of the hanging point with a utility knife, and then place a 2cm-thick long wooden slat on the upper hole of the quality electric mobile tv stand to make the self-tapping screw passes through the gypsum board and enters the wooden slat when attacking, which increases the force-bearing area.

Use glass drills to drill holes on the marble wall. After the holes are drilled, you can install expansion screws until they are tightened. For patterned marble, it should be more careful when drilling. The brick wall is behind the glass wall. After selecting the location, use a glass drill to drill the hole. And then drill the brick wall inside with an impact drill after the glass hole is drilled. Use the screw with a large expansion tube as the filling ring, and then tighten the screws.

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