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How to Install a Wall Mount

1. The importance of wall mount

As people's living standards improve, the life's quality and style are also changed. Now the display screen has changed with the appearance of the mount. Without size restriction, the mount installed on the wall not only saves space, but also looks beautiful.

Now it has been generally developed with the mobile TV wall mount, but most people still don't know how to install the wall mount. Let's briefly introduce the method.

2. Wall mount installation methods

1. Tools / Raw materials

Phillips screwdriver, impact drill (with M10 drill bit), cable tie (for cable tie), screws, spacers, corner connector, hanger bar, inner 6-point wrench, mount fixing piece.

2. Methods / Steps

(1) Screw on the fixed corner connectors and hanging screen fixing pieces on the horizontal rod, and then connect the horizontal rod with the vertical rod (Align the scale line when connecting the horizontal rod and the vertical rod, and the bottle holder should be parallel to the horizontal rod).

(2) For the TV stand installation and the mount fixing piece of the wall, the mount fixing piece should be installed on the vertical pole, and then fix them on the wall.

(3) The bare screen and the fixed hook.

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