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Is Your Video Conference Still Stuck on the Wall in the Era of Electric Technology?

Since the mobile office has become popular in the workplace, when many companies start operation, they no longer stick to the traditional fixed-position work mode but choose to work anytime and anywhere based on the actual situation. It's just that this kind of office is perfect, but there is also trouble, that is, the TV monitor that needs to demonstrate the content of the meeting is still fixed in the meeting room and cannot be moved. 

When many companies were struggling with this matter, a new era of TV accessories was born. This accessory is a mobile TV stand specially designed for flat-panel TVs. This kind of mobile stand cleverly integrates the mobile cart and the mobile TV wall mount, which solves the demand of hanging the TV on the wall and satisfies the need of everyone to move the TV position and is particularly practical. It is precise because of this that, as soon as the TV stand mobile cart appeared, it was highly welcomed by everyone. Let me introduce to you the TV stand mobile cart, which is durable and high-end.

Ⅰ. Electric design of mobile TV stand

With an intimate electric design, there is no need to adjust. You press the button lightly to adjust the height of the TV. The thicker column and built-in wiring make it safer and more stable to move without stumbling. To facilitate the video conference, it is also equipped with a camera tray. After the camera is installed, it can also be raised and lowered. This is a humanized design for the different camera heights required for different sizes of TVs.

Ⅱ. The movable design of the mobile TV stand

The unique adjusting wheel design of mobile TV stand 75 inch does not require much effort to lift, and a person can easily move to the desired position. It can be locked by gently stepping on the universal wheel with a brake, stepping on and stopping. Even if it is a tilted slope, the TV can also be parked steadily. The base of the mobile TV display stand is welded in one piece, no assembly is required, the installation is convenient, and the load-bearing is more stable. 

Ⅲ. The material of the mobile TV stand is corrosion-resistant and durable

The LED wall stand is made of aluminium alloy and a cold-rolled steel plate in appearance material. The high density also makes the load-bearing function stable, and it is not easy to deform and is more environmentally friendly. It has advantages of unique spraying process, fashionable appearance, not easy to corrode, and more durable. It is suitable for scenes including meeting rooms, front desks, hotel lobbies, teaching rooms, etc.

In this era of mobile offices, it is elementary to have a mobile conference room. A mobile TV stand can help everyone quickly achieve it. Companies in need may wish to equip one too!

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