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TV bracket is put differently way

In general, LCD TV brackets are mounted on the wall or placed on the TV cabinet. The TV is safe and reliable on the wall, but I want to use the TV in different meeting rooms and adjust the angle freely. Is there any other way to place the TV stand? Let's take a look at some other ways. It must be one way to fit your needs.

1. LCD mobile television cart

Many company halls and meeting rooms will use mobile TV brackets-a multimedia mobile TV cart. Because whether it is a commercial display or a conference, the TV set used by the company is often much larger than that used in general scenarios. As it gets thinner and bigger, this kind of mobile TV bracket stand will be more and more suitable for your company lobby or meeting room.

2. Wall-mount television stand

Have you seen this kind of TV stand in various movie theaters and milk tea shops? Some are used to broadcast advertisements and some are used to order guests and some are used in hospitals like hospital TV mount. Due to the constraints of the store's floor space, the size of the TV with this function will not be very large.

3. Floor-mount TV stand

This one is relatively unpopular. As far as we can see, the nature is no different from the base provided by the TV. Maybe it looks more beautiful and has a lifting function, but the TV mobile bracket also has a lifting function, and it can be moved without moving it. Various aspects of functions include floor-to-ceiling upgrade models.

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