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The New Darling of Small Office Meetings: the Mobile Television Cart

With the popularity of smart phones, tablet computers and other devices in business applications, nowadays, when it comes to business office, office location is no longer so important. As the successful integration of the combination of "smart terminal + video conference", the new era of smart office is not far away from us.

1. The use of mobile television cart

Taking mobile television cart as an example, at present, more than 10,000 companies have used mobile TV carts for cross-regional audio and video communication. Compared with simple telephone conferences and instant messaging tools, mobile TV carts can gather more people for conferences, and make use of the existing network environment and computer equipment conditions to make it possible for enterprises to develop network-based high-definition video conferences. After using the mobile TV carts, users can access to the network and can quickly initiate/participate meetings, which not only saves the cost of manpower and material resources to organize the meetings, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the meetings.

2. Advantages of mobile television cart

In the new era of smart office, floor swivel TV stand occupies less than 1 meter of space. The 360° wheel design allows people to communicate remotely without being limited by location and distance. Through smart terminal equipment, communication will become extremely simple. In addition, the mobile TV carts can also be adjusted up and down, the height of the pinball can be adjusted as desired, and the "remote communication" journey can be started by the lightly touching of the fingertips. Under this trend, mobile TV carts will surely become the "darling" of the new era based on the visualization of smart terminals.

Mobile TV carts can also be used in home life due to their compact and flexible design. If you don't want to punch holes on the wall and feel that the TV is unsafe on the TV cabinet, you can choose a mobile TV cart.

I believe that in the future, mobile TV carts will become the trend of communication in video conferences.

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