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A TV Stand Suitable for Business Meetings

The business meeting mobile cart is a mobile TV stand specially developed and designed for large-size and heavy-duty monitors. Generally suitable for conference halls, exhibition halls, hotels, airports, shopping plazas, trade clubs and other venues. It is a mobile TV equipment with firm structure, convenient installation and adjustable adjustment. A push-pull flexible business meeting mobile trolley, which is one of the two common devices in office and commercial life scenarios.

1. Business conference TV stand caters to a variety of different angles of sight

In terms of materials, the TV stand for business conferences is made of zinc-aluminum alloy, steel and plastic. Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, long life and high brightness. From the appearance point of view, the silver branches and base are matched with the black mounting head, which is fashionable and elegant, and can be easily integrated into various high-end places.

In order to facilitate the use, the business conference TV stand has humanizedly designed an electric remote control to control the height adjustment of the monitor, reducing manual operation steps, and the upper and lower adjustment range is: 500mm. The mounting panel, including the monitor, can also be adjusted back 90° horizontally to accommodate a variety of viewing angles.

2. Design of TV stand for business conference

On the branches of the cart, the business conference TV stand is also equipped with a stand tray, and the remote control storage box is used to place various related appliances, which is convenient for daily use and reduces the occurrence of loss and damage caused by nowhere to be placed.

Since such products are used in places with a large number of people, the business conference TV stand specially adopts silent casters in the design of mobile casters to reduce the noise generated during the pushing and pulling process and avoid interference. The braking function is also designed, and the four wheels are locked to keep the cart in a stable state when it stops moving.

In order to ensure the quality and practicability of the product, before leaving the factory, all products of the business conference TV stand must undergo strict testing and professional research and development in order to produce products worthy of consumers' trust. Moreover, they are also made of high-cost, high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

For such a large commercial stand, the business conference TV stand mobile cart is indeed worthy of our possession and trust, making users more at ease and making our lives more convenient.

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