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What Problems Could Arise During TV Bracket Wall Mount Installation?

Companies that buy TV brackets may be hesitant about various issues before and after purchase, fearing that they may buy the wrong one, that it may not match the TV, or that it may not be installed properly. Today we will share with you the possible problems and solutions when installing TV brackets and wall-mounted brackets.

What is the height of a wall-mounted TV bracket?

Typically, the recommended installation height for conference room TVs is 1.3 meters, or one-third of the entire TV wall. When you sit in the office for a video conference, your eyes can see the center of the TV or a little lower.

What are the specifications of a wall-mounted TV bracket?

Todays TVs are different from the past. They are large in size, small in footprint, and more elegant and atmospheric. However, LCD TVs do not have fixed support points and require brackets for support. The specifications of the brackets are different. Different specifications of brackets can help us fix the TV in different locations, including wall-mounted, floor-standing, and rotating, to meet our different needs.

What is the general size of a wall-mounted TV bracket?

In fact, the hangers generally apply to TVs within a certain range. For example, some TVs can be used between 32 inches and 57 inches. However, you still need to pay attention to the weight of the TV. Sometimes some TVs spit out at the back, which cannot be used, so pay attention before purchasing wall-mounted brackets.

Are wall-mounted TV brackets fixed or adjustable?

In daily use, adjustable TV racks are easier to use than fixed TV racks, mainly because adjustable TV racks are more convenient to use. Mainly manifested in:

  • After the fixed wall bracket is installed on the TV, the TV is not easy to move, and it is difficult to clean after long-term use due to dust accumulation; the adjustable wall-mounted TV bracket is different, the TV can be pulled out, and the dust and garbage on the back can be easily cleaned.

  • Secondly, after the TV is installed on the fixed wall bracket, it is difficult to plug in the wires when the TV needs to be connected to other devices; the adjustable wall mounted bracket can easily pull out the TV, and then insert the connecting line, which is very convenient.

Are there any requirements for the wall when installing a wall-mounted TV bracket?

The first condition for the installation of a wall-mounted bracket for a TV is that the wall must be hard and firm, so as to have a certain bearing capacity. The installed wall can be a solid brick wall or a concrete wall. If the wall material for the installation of the wall-mounted TV bracket is poor, it needs to be reinforced, and some objects can be used to support the wall.

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