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Can a Video Conference Cart Help You Solve All the Problems of the Conference?

Because of the epidemic, video conferencing and mobile TV carts have entered more and more companies.

1. It is more convenient to use mobile TV carts

In order to save costs, the company only equipped two sets of audiovisual systems in the main conference room, but it has become a hassle to reserve the conference room during a meeting. In order to keep the equipment from being idle, many companies have purchased a batch of TV bracket officeworks.

Increase revenue and reduce expenditure. Probably count the frequency of meetings each month and the number of times you use video conferences, and then you can know how many mobile TV carts you should buy.

2. How to purchase mobile TV carts

Many users may find it difficult to choose when purchasing a mobile TV cart. Among iron carts, aluminum carts, and heavy-duty carts, except for the size of the flat plate they carry, there are many other differences.

It is recommended that you buy mobile TV carts through regular channels. The first reason is that the logistics are convenient, and the second, large-sized products or electronic products are more secure in the regular channels.

"Today we have a meeting, everyone does not have to go away, I brought the ‘meeting room’!"

Owning a mobile TV cart allows meetings to be held wherever they go! There is another advantage of large-screen conferences. With the help of touch projection, the TV can be changed into a touch screen in seconds for everyone to discuss at any time. The meeting where everyone discusses together is the most meaningful.

In addition, in the free time when there is no meeting, the mobile TV cart also has the function of commercial display, and the big screen can wonderfully display the company's promotional video, regardless of whether it is placed in the front desk or the office, it looks high-end.

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