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The Mobile TV Stand is 360° Rotatable, Giving You an All-round View

With the rapid development of the information age, the video conference market is booming. Enterprises need efficient video conferencing, but traditional conferencing devices have fallen behind. A conference with a small number of people can be conducted normally, but multi-person conference is not available. In addition, the COVID-19 has prompted the development of video conferencing and equipment. As the telecommuting and the online video conferencing gradually normalize, the better the meeting equipment, the more efficient the work can be carried out. As one of the conference devices, the mobile TV stand plays a key role. And what functions does smart conference mobile TV stand have?

1. The streamlined design of the mobile TV stand is both aesthetic and stable

The conference swivel stand adopts a streamlined design. The base has a streamlined arc angle, and the overall line has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, and it is very modern. The overall shape of the mobile tv screen stand is magnificent, stable, simple, convenient and practical, helping to build a mobile platform for corporate meetings. When our office meeting room is packed with people, we can move our meeting TV to our office place to continue the meeting.

2. The mobile TV stand rotates three-dimensionally and moves as you want

It supports 360°all-round rotation, so you can push it where you want to use it, push and pull lightly, and it is stable and will not fall, and has the function of height lifting and light adjustment. When our meeting place is a public place, it can rotate 360°at will, and there is no dead angle in all directions, so that the information in the meeting can be transmitted to everyone who is attending it.

3.The mobile TV stand has one-piece, which is safe and stable.

The conference floor swivel TV stand adopts an integrated base design, which is easy to install without assembly. And this design can save office space.

4. The mobile TV stand has mute casters, which can be locked at will

The conference mobile TV stand is equipped with a brake positioning device, and the heavy duty tv stand on wheels are wrapped in plastic, which can move silently, protect the floor and carpet, and create a comfortable and quiet meeting environment for the meeting. The TV swivel stand, no matter what kind of situation you are in, can guarantee the normal holding of the meeting. Since the conference TV is named with the word "smart", we must ensure the efficiency of the meeting, the quality of the meeting, and the efficiency of the meeting no matter whether it is held in hardware or software.

The conference mobile TV stand bears high weight, which is attributed to the delicate and ingenious design. We don't have to worry about the support of the mobile stand to the conference TV during the movement. It can create an artistic style for the appearance of the conference TV. The bottom is like a shape of mountain and flowing water, with a waterfall flowing straight down. The lines are smooth and natural. The flowing water is the frame and the earth is the seat. It is both beautiful and full of design sense. The TV swivel stand plays a decisive role in the efficiency of meetings in our office area.

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