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Do You Know How to Use These Three TV Mounts?

1. Mobile TV stand

Many company halls and meeting rooms will use mobile TV mounts - multimedia mobile carts, because companies often use a lot of TV brackets whether it is business display or conference, so mobile tv bracket stand can also be applied to current office life.

2. TV hanger

Have you seen this kind of TV mount in various movie theaters and milk tea shops, some are used to play advertisements in a loop, and some video wall mounting brackets are used to order for guests. The size of the TV with this function will not be very large, because of the limited space of the store.

3. Floor mobile stand

The floor mount TV stand has a lifting function, but the mobile TV bracket also has a lifting function, and it can be moved without moving and nudging, and its functions are like an upgraded floor-standing model.

If you don't want to punch holes on the conference office wall, the above three methods are more recommended for mobile TV brackets. The hanger is actually slightly similar to the TV hanger, but it does not need to be attached to the wall, and the advantage is that it can move left and right.

Why is the TV mobile stand more recommended? There are no holes for installation, and it is suitable for most models on the market. In addition, whether you are standing or sitting, the lift function of the TV stand can be adjusted to a comfortable viewing position, but the product safety in this regard is above everything else, so those you think are necessary for the safety certification of surface work, try your best to You should also choose a brand with a high degree of professionalism. Our iworkhub bracket company also has cart products, which are of good quality and touch.

As a professional electric mobile tv stand supplier, iworkhub bracket production emphasizes durability and safety as top priorities. Our user-oriented installation solutions encourage collaboration and inspire creativity. Customers value us to maximize their productivity and efficiency. We can build custom solutions to meet your needs.

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