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Safety Certification for TV Brackets

Have used the TV stand must know that this is a video peripheral class of quality products will have safety certification, some brand manufacturers in order to prove that their goods are superior, or do export products, are required to pass some quality inspection, through the test to get the EU export certification.

1. Security certification for mobile TV stands

Usually the most direct way to reflect the safety of these products is the load-bearing test, so the German GS and the U.S. UL certification of the load-bearing test is the most intuitive. Perhaps there are many people do not quite understand such a test, TV bracket such products will have a maximum load, by more than the maximum load 3-4 times the test to determine its safety. So, TV bracket whether it is wall-mounted or mobile, but where there is such a safety certification, you can determine the quality of the material good or bad.

Then the question arises, the purchase of mobile TV bracket such a relatively large load-bearing products, is not that the safety does not have to be in the first place? Of course not, so the mechanical products will have a safety certification about it. The purpose of applying safety standards is to prevent personal injury and property damage caused by various hazards that may arise during the use of mechanical products. These include electric shock or electrocution, excessive temperature or fire, mechanical hazards, radiological hazards, and chemical hazards. Most of the TV stands on the market are gas springs, inferior gas springs have the possibility of oil leakage and even explosion during use, so the safety of mechanical products is always the first element.

2. The TV bracket safety standards

TV bracket also slowly become everyone's immediate needs supplies, that for him, the safety and what standards? Germany TUV certification to understand, TUV certification specifically for components products customized a safety certification mark, widely accepted in Germany and Europe. You will ask, which mobile TV bracket will have this certification?

In fact, the traditional TV stand is with TUV certification, just will not take it as a promotional selling point, because for these companies, this is only the minimum standard for export, which is why such a big brand can be hot for more than a decade, and will not be because of the brand effect, and began to increase the price of sales.

In fact, these safety certifications are not optional, it is precisely the product necessary, but also a guarantee to consumers. In this complicated business world, it is good to give everyone a basis for judgment.

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