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Increase the Efficiency of Your Meetings with This Meeting Presenter

It's time to take stock of the projects of various companies, and comrades are running around in various meeting rooms. It can be said that meeting is a more painful process than attending classes, preparing reports, reporting work and even not being in the meeting room. For partners who often need to report work, a large number of daily and high voice to speak, seriously increasing the burden on the voice of the partners, after work a word do not want to say.

1. The height of the cart TV stand is adjustable

Now most of the company's status quo is generally projection only configured in large conference rooms, small conference rooms are not, and the drawbacks of the projector is also very significant, poor signal contact, strong light can not see the projection screen, etc., which for frequent meetings at the end of the year is really maddening, so the TV presentation gradually become mainstream. Technology with color contour, whether in strong light or dark shadow can clearly display the effect of light and dark, no longer need to worry about sunlight reflection and caused by the inability to see the important information, and compared to the projection, cart TV stand can be moved, where you need to go.

When it comes to moving the TV what do you imagine in your mind? There is a professional tool called TV mobile trolley. TV mobile trolley is made of aluminum alloy one-piece base, easy and quick to install, no complicated disassembly. Its ability to match 45 to 70-inch TV, can be adjusted according to the size of the TV itself, while the up and down telescoping function, you can adjust the appropriate height in accordance with the state of people standing or sitting, so that the meeting is no longer stiff neck.

2. Design features of cart TV bracket

TV trolley is one kind of classic mobile carts, can be matched with a more small TV, can withstand the weight of 400 kg, 10 ° slope resistance light function for uneven town ground or sudden tilt can be very good response to avoid accidents, while the TV can be adjusted to the angle of elevation, so that close partners can also be comfortable to watch the display. In terms of movement, it has four universal wheels, which can be freely pushed, lightly stepped on to stop, and can be positioned to brake, whether you are a workplace beauty or a gentleman can easily operate. The electrostatic painting process makes its whole body show a sense of business, is the company's face to play.

The end of the year meeting display represents the results of your year of labor, is our own work to check, is the company's recognition of the efforts we have made. Adequate preparation should have an excellent display effect, the cart TV stand makes the meeting display becomes meaningful and convenient and interesting. Have a meeting presentation artifact, improve the efficiency of the meeting, so that the meeting is no longer boring.

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