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The Functions of the Mobile TV Cart

Ⅰ. Introduction to mobile TV cart

TV mobile carts are internationally recognized emerging media, known as the "fifth media." It is supported by digital technology and broadcasts and receives TV programs through wireless digital signal transmission and terrestrial digital reception. Its biggest feature is that it can maintain the stability and clarity of the TV signal on vehicles that are moving and whose speed is below 120 kilometers per hour. Like broadcasting, mobile TV uses wireless signal transmission and terrestrial reception. As long as there is a digital television (receiver) machine, just like having a radio, it can receive signals on the move anywhere in the transmitting place.

Ⅱ. The role of the mobile TV cart

1. The mobile TV cart can tilt the plasma TV.

2. The TV mobile cart has a built-in safety wiring system.

3. The surface of the TV mobile cart is painted with silver paint.

4. The TV mobile cart is equipped with a general or specific type plasma rack suitable for plasma TVs below 32-60 inches.

5. The TV mobile cart has a large tubular iron base.

6. The TV mobile cart has rotatable wheels.

7. Plasma TV can be hung on a protruding solid shelf.

8. Plasma TV can be placed up and down.

9. The standard height of the mobile television cart can be adjusted.

10. Plasma TV can display images centered on the floor.

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