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What Problems Can a Movable Floor-standing TV Mount Solve?

Mobile floor mount TV stand is usually used in company meetings. What does a mobile TV stand look like? In people's understanding, this is a video conference mobile cart used for office meetings, which should only be suitable for use in company conference rooms. Yes, when this mobile TV stand was designed, it was also aimed at large and high-end enterprises as customers, after all, the price of this mobile stand is not cheap, and it is acceptable for enterprise users to use it in remote teaching and video conferencing.

With the improvement of people's quality of life and increasing demand for goods, people's choices are no longer price-oriented, but more focused on product needs. Therefore, mobile TV stands have also entered people's lives and entered modern people's work.

The Main Body of the Mobile Floor Mount TV Stand is Made of Aluminum Alloy Material, Which is Strong and Durable

The floor mount TV stand can support different inch TVs with different weight. Nowadays, companies have large LCD TVs or intelligent screens, as long as they meet the above conditions, they are applicable.

The Floor TV Mount Stand is Designed with Electric Lifting Function

After installing the TV, you can lift it up and down through the button on the support rod, and adjust different heights for different people. The storage box on the back of the TV stand can also be manually adjusted in height, making it easy to place various equipment and materials. The bottom of the support rod is equipped with a tray for placing audio-visual equipment or game consoles.

Mobile Floor TV Mount Stand Can Rotate Freely

In order to prevent messy placement of TV cables, mobile TV carts are designed with cable slots, which are convenient for storing various cables and keeping the overall cleanliness and beauty. The most noteworthy feature of the mobile TV stand is the wheel design, which can rotate 360 degrees freely. The two front wheels are also designed with brake devices, which can be pushed and pulled freely, and stopped immediately, which is both safe and secure. The wheels are also designed with low noise to avoid affecting others' rest during pushing and pulling.

A good product mainly depends on its quality, and quality is determined by every detail. The mobile floor TV mount stand achieves every detail with careful design, creating a high-quality product for customers. A stand can be moved to any desired position in the office area with a light pull.

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