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Mobile Television Carts Are Becoming More Popular

Many people have seen mobile television carts in their lives, and many people would like to buy a mobile television cart suitable for families. So what factors will you consider when purchasing a mobile television cart? Next, let’s take a rough understanding of the mobile television carts.

1. Application and design of mobile television carts

mobile television carts are widely used in conference rooms, exhibitions, boards, classrooms, lecture halls, etc., and are usually used in video conferences, information displays, and marketing promotion venues. Most of the mobile tv screen stand are used in video conferences, so most of the mobile television carts are between 60 inches and 100 inches in size. Most mobile television carts are made of aluminum alloy with unique and perfect shapes. In use, it is also convenient for users to quickly install and disassemble, and it is small and convenient for storage and transportation. The mobile TV trolley uses a one-piece fully automatic welding process base and one-piece aluminum alloy profile large load-bearing double column, and is equipped with a lock pin function, allowing users to easily adjust the height of the TV show as long as they want. The adjusted height is within a certain range. The adjustable height range of the LCD TV mobile cart is generally between 140cm~170cm, and its position of bracket hanging plate hole is generally between 20*20 cm~100*60 cm, which is suitable for most mainstream brand LCD TVs in the market.

2. Multifunctional mobile television carts

Many manufacturers now add other functions to the original mobile television carts in order to make their products available for selection and purchased by customers. For example, they have an integrated multimedia carrier platform that can be used to place DVDs, set-top boxes, cameras and other items. Moreover, the upper camera set can also be adjusted up and down to choose the height you need. The audio-visual tray at the bottom can also be adjusted up and down according to your own needs. The design is more user-friendly and especially suitable for home use.

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