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Have You Used This Multimedia Mobile Cart? How to Choose It?

As an important part of a complete set of video conferencing, the performance of mobile video conference cart plays a decisive role during the video conference.

Ⅰ. The choice of multi media mobile TV cart

Currently, there are various mobile video conference TV carts on the market. There are both high-performance products for the professional market and low-end products that win at price.

Facing the multimedia mobile video cart market with too many brands, how can users achieve high quality and low price? Simply put, we can consider from these three aspects: the functions, material and own needs.

Whether a product can be used satisfactorily to users, in addition to the product's own functions, there is also the impact of the application environment. In actual applications, due to different application industries and environments, users have different concerns about mobile TV cart products.

Generally speaking, when applied in the government office field, excellent functions and stability will become the primary factors considered by users. In enterprise-level applications, companies are more inclined to choose cost-effective mobile TV cart products due to the different frequencies used by enterprises.

In addition to environmental factors, users should also fully consider their actual application requirements when purchasing products.

Ⅱ. The selection principle of multi media mobile TV carts

With the maturity of video conferencing technology, the following industry trends make people wonder how to choose. In addition, some users blindly follow the trend when purchasing products, ignoring their own actual needs, resulting in a waste of capital. In order to ensure the value for money, users should follow the following principles when purchasing the mobile tv display stand:

1. The purpose of the application must be clarified. It is not advisable to simply consider the cost or catch up with the trend to choose the product type that can meet the needs in function according to one's professional needs.

2. Comprehensive consideration of existing equipment. If the user already has a certain number of video conferencing facilities, it is necessary to control the number of multi media carts purchased according to the number of meeting rooms, and make full use of the existing facilities to save input costs.

3. In addition to paying attention to the quality and performance of the product, it is also necessary to pay attention to the after-sales service of the product. Especially when purchasing in bulk, you must consider the after-sales capabilities of the selected TV stand manufacturer, the scale of spare parts, etc., in order to avoid maintenance troubles in daily applications.

Therefore, the key points for enterprise users to choose video conferencing mobile TV carts: cost performance and after-sales service.

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