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The Role of TV Brackets in Smart Medical Care and Digital Wards

Smart medical digital ward is the trend of modern medical development. The scale of the industry is constantly expanding, and it is obviously transforming in the direction of entertainment, high-end, standardization, informatization, etc. Hospitals can only win in the fierce competition by providing users with more innovative and perfect services in line with the characteristics of the times. The viewing of high-definition TV, the on-demand entertainment of movies, and the application of Internet services have gradually become the practical requirements for the intelligentization of hospital ward TVs.

In the traditional mode, we all watch TV through the set-top box in the ward. Now the set-top box has been cancelled and it has become a "bedside smart rocker screen". Through it, we can not only watch live broadcasts and entertainment, but also allow patients to go deep into the medical process, inquire about personal information, appointments, examination results, cost information, self-service ordering, etc., so that patients can participate in the entire medical process, and communicate with doctors Have friendly interactions with nurses.

1. Medical TV bracket improves work efficiency

In order to cater to the development and use of smart medical digital wards, the medical TV bracket perfectly solves the installation problem of smart medical terminal equipment. The "TV interactive system screen" is moved to the bedside through the "monitor stand" installed next to the hospital bed to seamlessly connect with various medical information systems. At the same time, it integrates the call function, etc., which can query patient information, risk prompts and special care content in real time, improve work efficiency and ensure the quality of care. It provides more warm and comfortable humanized services for inpatients.

2. The experience of using the medical TV bracket

First of all, the medical TV bracket is a medical ward integrated machine hanger specially designed for digital wards. It supports the functions of up and down, left and right rotation, front and rear stretching, and horizontal traverse of the installed monitor screen. Its flexible features and ergonomic design allow the monitor to actively cater to your body, reducing mental and physical fatigue. So that medical staff and patients are more comfortable and relaxed during the operation.

In addition, the bracket is made of high-strength zinc-aluminum alloy, with very high hardness and precision, which is more stable and reliable than our common aluminum alloy brackets. The surface liquid paint process treatment also greatly enhances the texture and protective effect of the bracket. The combination of the two not only makes the product more beautiful, but also makes the operator feel more at ease and at ease during use.

In the current digital medical environment, to transmit data information and integrate digital video/audio in future wards, integrated hardware is required as a framework, and the medical TV stand just meets its needs, bringing more efficient and convenient digital wards. Installation and use experience. At present, telemedicine and mobile nursing workstations are the focus of national health development. With the rise of modern digital wards, medical equipment such as medical TV brackets has become an indispensable hardware facility for hospitals.

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