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Mobile TV Trolley Can Meet All Your Needs

1. The era of mobile TV trolley

Now people's requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, and the requirement for TV viewing effect alone is one of them, with TV hangers or not enough. And the introduction of the TV trolley, TV trolley combined with the advantages of TV hangers and produced a more conducive to the function of people's viewing effect. The mobile TV trolley can be moved anywhere and anytime, no matter where you are in front of you can move to provide you with viewing, but also according to the best angle you can accept, to adjust up and down.

The mobile TV trolley is developed for large size and heavy display, it is suitable for conference hall, exhibition hall, hotel, airport, railway station, hospital, bus station, shopping plaza, trade fair and other places. The TV trolley has a beautiful appearance, solid structure, easy to move, and can be placed on DVD players and other audio equipment. In addition, LCD bracket can be installed at different heights, widely used in public places such as video conference rooms, exhibition halls and shopping malls.

2. The mobile TV trolley can meet all your needs

Super large screen mobile TV trolley stand can be used according to various different projection needs, giving full play to the maximum value of mobile TV trolley. Features include horizontal and vertical rotation, and high and low position scheduling. No matter which position in the equipment, for what use, for what occasion, it can provide an optimal viewing position for seated and standing viewers, and this is the subtlety of the video conference mobile trolley.

A quiet touch to dispatch the rotation angle, and just a knob dispatch lever can easily dispatch the height, easy to operate, in addition to the double column large screen more stable and safer. The standard camera shelf attachment can turn any space into a video conference center, and the mobile cart can easily pass through the standardized standard doors and thresholds. Dispatchable technology makes vertical and horizontal rotation height dispatching easy. Fully exploit the maximum value of the mobile TV trolley.

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