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Why Do We Need Wall Mounts?

Industrial TVs, as the name suggests, are LCD TVs suitable for industrial use, with a variety of display sizes and installation methods. Different from ordinary LCD TVs, its advantages and characteristics lie in its ability to adapt to extreme environments, stable operation, and long service life.

1. Wall mount TV stand can protect the monitor

In the industrial environment, the use environment of industrial TVs is much harsher, bringing together dust, particles, and uncertain high and low temperature, humidity, and even water droplets, all of which are huge tests for industrial TVs. At the same time, due to the particularity of the industrial environment, industrial TVs need to run around the clock. Unless there is a long holiday, or the overall power maintenance of the factory area, it is impossible that the industrial TV needs to be shut down. Therefore, if there is no relatively fixed position to place the TV, the probability of it being knocked and broken is quite high. At this time, an industrial TV wall mount is quite practical. Similarly, in such a harsh environment, the quality of the industrial TV stand also needs to be quite good.

2. Design of the wall mount TV stand

A single-screen aluminum alloy wall mount TV stand, which can be lifted up and down in terms of functions; the TV can be lifted up and down independently, stretched back and forth; tilt angle adjustment; the main arm joint can be rotated 180°; and the built-in keyboard and mouse tray can also be folded; the arms are equipped with a harness management system, which makes the whole equipment more beautiful and tidy. In addition, the dual-screen model can also support switch the screen horizontally and vertically, and perform different combined operations. The user-friendly dual USB interface design also makes it easier to plug and unplug the data cable.

With the fierce competition of wall mount manufacturers, wall mounts have derived various functions such as tilt angle adjustment, multi-sided rotation, and horizontal fine-tuning from ordinary fixed functions of wall mounts, which are favored by more and more TV users.

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